Kerryn’s years of experience, deep knowledge of Dru Yoga sequences as well as her gentle voice and spiritual commitment make her classes a special healing event.  - Joan Boylan.

Kerryn Kuchel is an amazingly beautiful woman who is the epitome of peace and calm and I cannot recommend her more highly! Go check her classes out.  - Tammy Lee Mansfield.

If anyone is looking for a Dru Yoga Class in the city, Kerryn Kuchel is an amazing teacher…Go on..give it a try.   - Dawn Marsh

Thankyou so much Kerryn. I will sleep well tonight. (After Friday morning yoga class)   - Robyn Wood

I discovered Kerryn when my Yoga Teacher of many years moved to Tasmania. I love her calm positive manner and her beautiful energy and look forward to my class each week!  - Claire Polomka

What a beautiful morning for beach Yoga and start to the day. Kerryn Kuchel you were shining…such a fabulous, positive and skilled Yoga teacher. Awesome.  - Monica Moss

Was a beautiful morning for beach yoga, fabulous session. Thank you so much Kerryn, I felt energised afterwards. It was lovely to join you on the beach again.   - Robyn Virgin



"Kerryn's class helped me to centre my mind and draw on my inner strength. Through a series of dynamic and fluid postures, visualisation and breath, the energy in my body was balanced and restored in my body. I felt so calm and centred afterwards. She is passionate about teaching her very special style of yoga and it was a pleasure to attend her class. Thanks Kerryn!"   -  Laura Vanags. 



The Yr 9 Retreat which was held at Nunyara Conference Centre, celebrated the creation of the Universe. We spent the day in groups, doing activities which included meditation, a drawing activity and a yoga session. I believe that the yoga session benefited and taught us a great deal as it helps us relax and learn how to handle stressful situations more easily and teaches us how to quieten the mind so we can focus energy where we want it to go. Yoga encourages positive thoughts and self –acceptance. There are also spiritual benefits as it builds awareness of our bodies, our feelings,, the world around us and it helps us live the concept of unity. Whereas meditation improves concentration as it clears the mind, helps give us better health and enables us to have a deeper understanding of our inner self. - Lillianne Yr 9

The retreat was an enjoyable relaxing day as we participated in yoga and meditation, which helped us to look at ourselves more positively; like a seed growing with many opportunities.  - Briana Yr 9

I enjoyed the starting of retreat, lighting the candles while the readers spoke about the cosmic creation story; it was very peaceful and relaxing. I also loved doing the yoga as it was a great way to relax and reflect.  - Gabrielle

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed year 9 retreat and thought that the day was great fun. In particular I liked the location and where the day took place, I thought it was very relevant to the theme of the day as well as being very picturesque. My favourite part/activity of the day was the yoga, I believe it was very relaxing and calming yet also very enjoyable.  -  Imogen

The yoga session was an enjoyable part of the year 9 retreat. The session was relaxing and took your mind off of school. It allowed you to reflect on yourself and year 9.  - Georgia

I enjoyed the meditation and yoga on retreat and found it very relaxing. I also enjoyed creating the charcoal drawing of the koala and putting it together with my group of friends.  - Olivia

I really enjoyed the yoga, as it was calming and very interesting. As it was so cold, it was a really nice way to warm up and also to learn about how movement can encourage our inner confidence.  -  Ashlee

I enjoyed the meditation and yoga on retreat. It was really relaxing and calm.   -  Kamila

I enjoyed the yoga exercises as they were very relaxing and tranquil. It was a good way to stop and reflect on ourselves and our time in year 9.       - Meghan

The yoga was Amazing! It made me very relaxed.   -  Ailie

I really enjoyed in the yoga and drawing activities. “The force of group of people creates a huge successful,” that is the value that I had learnt through the drawing activity. No one could understand what the small piece pictures were about but when we combined, it seemed as magic. The yoga also helped me to feel relax and comfortable.  - Khanh

I enjoyed the lunch, and I found the yoga to be quite relaxing- as well as the meditation. I also enjoyed spending time with friends.  - Kiara

I enjoyed yoga the most out of entire retreat, the instructor was very good at making all the girls feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the whole session. As it’s something that most of us haven’t ever gotten the opportunity to try before. It also gave me a chance to relax and unwind from the previous activities before. - Lucybelle

On the year 9 retreat my favourite part was the yoga & the baked potatoes. The yoga was really relaxing and it also made me feel more flexible than I usually am!! The liturgy at the beginning was also really nice as it made me think about where everything came from and hoe everything is connected.  -  Yasmin

I really enjoyed retreat this year, as it was fun and relaxing and a good chance to get away from school. Personally, I really liked the yoga because it relaxed me and made me feel good.   - Elissa




Hi Kerryn I enjoyed the session and found it very relaxing. I found the exercises to be beneficial to my well-being. Kerryn gave very clear instructions on performing these exercises and the meditation music along with her tone of voice created an ambience of relaxation and peacefulness.   -  Kind regards  

- Ann Gibbons       HR Administrator.  St Andrews Hospital. Adelaide


Hi Kerryn

It was my first exposure to yoga and would you believe it was an enlightening experience. I enjoyed the 3pm timeslot so attended twice at that time.  If the hospital was to employ you to host more, I would be interested.  Cheers  

 - Andrew Hodge       St Andrews Hospital

The feedback from the staff was once again fantastic! Looking forward to the next session.  

- Cos Lamberto     Workplace Health and Safety Manager.       St Andrews Hospital


We are delighted to provide you with feedback about the classes you instructed here at ACS over the last 5 weeks.   

I would like to say how much I enjoyed the sessions.

I found Kerryn’s guidance during Meditation very soothing and easy to follow and I also enjoyed the gentle yoga/breathing part of the session.

Kerryn was very supportive and encouraging while making sure everyone was able to participate, regardless of their individual abilities.

·  It is unmistakable that Kerryn enjoys delivering meditation classes as she radiates joyfulness which was evident to our group. On a personal note, I really liked that Kerryn taught us something new every week, which expanded my meditation experience and the inspirational verses read towards the end of each session provided an uplifting conclusion to each class.

·   Kerryn has a lovely welcoming presence and is a very knowledgeable and experienced teacher. I particularly enjoyed the variety of exercises she offered – both physical and meditation-based, and her sessions were well structured.  Would highly recommend to others seeking a spacious and restorative hour in the day; it makes a big difference! Thanks Kerryn 

·    I was experiencing a rather stressful day and felt I was too busy to attend but was talked into it by a staff member.  I am glad I did because I was able to relax totally, take stock and go back to work with a renewed vigor – this is a necessary part of a workplace environment and would help reduce workplace burnout.  

- From Aged and Community Services Australia (ACSA)

The facilitator Kerryn was lovely and made the class fun and relaxing.

The sessions have been great. Kerryn is very good and has helped us experience a relaxed yoga session every week. Thanks a ton!

I wish we had these sessions on an ongoing basis throughout the year! I have been finding though the Yoga that I get no headaches at my desk, that I experience early in the week. In the past these headaches would last till the Wednesday.

- From Oracle Corporation Australia