Kerryn Kuchel

My Yoga & Meditation Journey

I LOVE that Yoga and Meditation have so many life changing benefits! My passion for this first began when I was a child, at home in the school holidays, watching “A Touch of Elegance” on day-time TV. I was so intrigued by this woman, who was wearing a leopard print leotard, moving her body gracefully into a myriad of different positions.

From a young age, I have had an affinity with the ocean, beautiful places in nature and living my life as an adventure, through doing what I love and surrounding myself with amazing people.

For over 30 years I have followed my enthusiasm for self- development, through being involved in Teaching and Transformational Study and Practice and care for the beautiful souls who walk with me. This has evolved over my life, after finishing “formal education.”

From this time I have journeyed through more than 15 years of ongoing professional study and training. I have worked with thousands of people, teaching in schools since the late eighties in a variety of roles from Classroom to Leadership. Since 2008 I have instructed Yoga and Meditation, both within Australia and Internationally.

I currently live in the CBD of Adelaide with my family and when coming to my classes, privates and community events you will receive the benefits of my life’s experience and knowledge from the multitude of trainings I have completed.

When you join my Yoga and Meditation class, you will receive warmth and support whilst exploring Yoga and Meditation and all the benefits these modalities have to offer you. You will receive insights from all of my colourful life’s experience, delivered in an inclusive, down to earth, accepting and authentic manner. I feel completely honored to share my life’s work, with the beautiful souls who accept the invitation to join me on the mat (or chair). I would LOVE to share this work with you, so come along to a class or workshop and experience how it feels for you.

Together, let’s embrace this one precious life and live it as an adventure…remembering that anything can happen and usually does.


About Kerryn

Kerryn completed her Diplomas in Dru Yoga (500 hours) and Meditation (250 hours) in Sydney from 2006-2012 and Yin Yoga Teacher Training (50 Hours) in 2018. For the past three decades she has been practicing Yoga & Meditation and following her passion for self- development, through being involved in Teaching and Transformational Study and Practice. 

Kerryn has journeyed through more than 15 years of ongoing professional study and training. She has worked with thousands of people, teaching in schools since the late eighties in a variety of roles from classroom to leadership. 

She became a Primary Principal at 25 and took up this position twice more at two different schools before she was 30. It was during this time that Kerryn experienced working with a wide diversity of groups and individuals and learnt the true value of connecting people through Community. She passionately continues to do this through her teaching of Yoga and Meditation from the beach to the boardroom.

Since 2008 she has instructed Yoga and Meditation within Australia and Internationally. She has vast spectrum of experience and loves working with a varied range of groups, including Corporate, Children and Teenagers in schools, Private Classes, and Community Groups. 

Kerryn’s unique classes are tailored to the requirements of the group, with an emphasis on individuals honouring their uniqueness and working with an attitude of self-care and authenticity. She loves empowering and supporting others growth and sovereign awareness  through their own practice.


Dear Kerryn, Thank you for such an amazing workshop. I am deeply grateful for all that you offered and lovingly shared. Once again I connected well with your graceful flowing movements. Your heartfelt gentleness enabled me to feel the stillness and peace within. I feel that there has been a subtle shift as I have been able to maintain inner peace for longer periods and nature feels closer and looks brighter. I feel so blessed to have you in my life beautiful angel. Thank you so much.
— L. Hartwig

Qualifications & Training

2006 - 2010 Sydney Diploma of Dru Yoga  500 hours

2010 - 2012 Sydney Diploma of Dru Meditation   250 hours

1985 - 1987 Adelaide Diploma of Teaching Early Childhood Education

1994 Spanish - Monash University 5 years, including 1 month study at don Quijote Language school, Salamanca Spain 1999

2005 Reiki First Degree

2007 Reiki Second Degree

2012 July Hypnotherapy Certification Training / Certified Practitioner of Hypnotherapy with Scott Hardie

2017 June Fascia Training with Alexa Nehter 20 hours

2018 Registered Senior Teacher with Yoga Australia

2018 November Yin Yoga Teacher Training, 50 Hours with Mel Mclaughlin, Yoga Australia Senior Facilitator


Courses and Workshops Completed

2008 January, Inner Child Personal Development 18 hours

2004 Emotional Freedom Technique  

2014 November Integrated Mindfulness Training

2015 Embodiment Training with Andrew Harvey

Disconnection techniques

Parenting and Loss

2015 February & November Heart Of Sales and Business – with Jeffrey Slayter   Byron Bay

2013 & 2014 Free Humanity with Jeffrey Slayter

2015 Moving with the Moon & Women’s Restorative Yoga Training with Ana Davies

2015 Ayurvedic Workshop with Keith Squires

2015 Self Love Training with Di Davies

2015 The Gathering with Jeffrey Slayter

2016 Fascia 1010 & Myofascial Meridians in Yoga with Alexa Nehter

2016 December, I Am Peace Meditation Workshop with Adriana Cortazzo

2016 Ongoing The Doing Academy- Grace Lever

2017 Ongoing Growing Your Yoga Business- Amy McDonald

2017 June, Fascia Vinyasa Teacher Amplification 20 hours with Alexa Nehter

2017 September, Mantra, Malas & Meditation with Tymi Howard

2018 April, Freedom of the Heart, Meditation Workshop with Manoj Dias

2018 August & September, iRest Course, 6 weeks, with Tina Shettigara

2018 September, Teaching Dru Vitality Sequence CPD Workshop with Ruth Gent

2018 September, Yin Yoga Workshop & Dance of Shiva & Shakti Workshop with Tymi Howard

2018 September, Yin Yoga Workshop with Karen Gunter

2018 October, Satsang with Duncan Peake - Power Living

2018 December, 10 Hour Yin Yoga Advanced Workshop with Mel Mclaughlin, Yoga Australia Senior Facilitator

2019 April Through Beginners Eyes Yoga Workshop with Scott Nailer

2019 June Nadi Yoga Workshop with Raj Pandey


Teaching Experience


Teaching Experience


2008 Ongoing Teaching Adult  Classes in Adelaide and on Yorke Peninsula 

2014 Ongoing Teaching Private 1:1 Yoga, Relaxation & Meditation

2015 Ongoing- Beach Yoga in Adelaide and on Yorke Peninsula (December - February)

2017 Urban Beach Yoga - Pinky Flat Adelaide CBD

2018 Ongoing- Kids Yoga - Children with Autism - Family Time Australia


2006-2012 Yoga & Meditation Teaching in Schools throughout Yorke Peninsula

Warooka, Yorketown, Edithburgh, Port Vincent, Stansbury, Marion Bay, Curramulka for Active After Schools Program

2018 Yoga & Relaxation Teacher at Nailsworth Primary - Ongoing


2014 & 2015 Guest Yoga Instructor, Restoring Balance Retreats, Bali

2019 Yoga & Meditation Instructor, H20 Yoga Retreat, Gili Air


2012 Wilderness Girls School at Wambana, Pt Turton  

2014 -2019 Ongoing St Aloysius College, Yr 9 Nunyara Retreat Adelaide

2017, 2018 & 2019 St Aloysius College, Year 12 Retreat, Westlakes Resort Adelaide


2016 Minter Ellison Lawyers Adelaide CBD - Meditation

2016 Telstra Adelaide CBD - Meditation

2016 St Andrews Hospital Adelaide - Yoga

2017 Pernod-Ricardo Winemakers Adelaide - Yoga & Meditation

2017 Aged Care and Community Services Adelaide - Meditation

2017 Pulteney Grammar School - Yoga

2017 Sealink - Meditation

2018 Arup Engineering Consultants - Yoga

2018 Urban Nest - Meditation

2018 Savills - Yoga & Relaxation

2019 Oracle- Yoga & Relaxation

2019 Urban Nest - Yoga & Relaxation


2009-ongoing Supported on Dru Yoga Teacher Training & Dru Meditation Teacher Trainings Adelaide

2013 Taught for 2 months at Lululemon Athletic Adelaide

In-store Community Classes to groups of up to 60 individuals.

2013 Taught at Breathe Adelaide Festival

2015 Volunteered at Nourish Festival Adelaide

2018 & 2019 Volunteered at WOMAD

2018 Yoga 4 Dignity


2013 Instructed Yoga and Relaxation for Matrix Netball Club

2016 Instructed Yoga and Relaxation for St Aloysius Yr 10 Physical Education

2016 Instructed Yoga and Relaxation for Seaton High Adelaide

2018 Yoga & Relaxation Teacher at Nailsworth Primary - Ongoing


2014 - 2016 Yoga Instructor at Your World Fitness Adelaide

2018 Yoga Instructor at Iron Industry Gym


2010 ongoing - Yorke Peninsula & Adelaide with fellow Dru Yoga Teachers

Ardrossan/ Moonta/ Warooka/ Birdwood/ Adelaide

2018 April Autumn Harmony 2hr Workshop Adelaide CBD

2018 July Winter Harmony 2hr Workshop Adelaide CBD

2018 October Spring Harmony 2hr Workshop Adelaide CBD

2019 April Autumn 2hr Dru & Yin Yoga Workshop Adelaide CBD

2019 July Winter 2hr Dru & Yin Yoga Workshop Adelaide CBD

Many thanks for your Yoga & Meditation Workshop Kerryn. I learnt rest full breathing & meditative practices, & learnt that I have a long way to go if I am to learn how to truly relax. Your gentle spirit & nature shone throughout.”
— Toni
~ Our July Winter Workshop in Adelaide ~ Connecting our Community through Yoga & Meditation ~

~ Our July Winter Workshop in Adelaide ~ Connecting our Community through Yoga & Meditation ~

Thank you. It was a great afternoon at your workshop. It gave me renewed creative impulse for a project which has languished too long. New moon rules!
— R. Dakok