I really enjoyed the yoga, as it was calming and very interesting. As it was so cold, it was a really nice way to warm up and also to learn about how movement can encourage our inner confidence.  -  Ashlee

As you know there are so many physical and emotional issues effecting the well being of children in your care, from peer pressure, bullying, academic problems, depression…the list is extensive and heartbreaking.

Scientific studies have proven, without a doubt, the cumulative positive impact, that Yoga and Meditation has on individuals. Some of the many powerful benefits include reducing stress and tension, easing negative thinking and increasing confidence and inner strength. As well as transforming painful emotions into positive, encouraging better moods and supporting improved relationships.

When working with your School, providing Yoga based workshops or sessions, I will tailor the program and techniques, to align with what your students are in need of most, in order to optimally support them. This can be done through learning correct breathing techniques, having them experience truly being in their bodies and providing opportunities for them to fully relax in a safe and nurturing environment.

As a teacher for the past 28 years I have had extensive experience working with thousands of children and families.  I have witnessed first hand the powerful transformations that take place and the sense of enjoyment and calm gained by students, during and after their experience of Yoga and Meditation.


Investment in your students well being

Price on request



I will travel to your School or Retreat Venue

Experience required


Equipment required

Yoga mat for each participant

The Yr 9 Retreat which was held at Nunyara Conference Centre, celebrated the creation of the Universe. We spent the day in groups, doing activities which included meditation, a drawing activity and a yoga session. I believe that the yoga session benefited and taught us a great deal as it helps us relax and learn how to handle stressful situations more easily and teaches us how to quieten the mind so we can focus energy where we want it to go. Yoga encourages positive thoughts and self acceptance. There are also spiritual benefits as it builds awareness of our bodies, our feelings,, the world around us and it helps us live the concept of unity. Whereas meditation improves concentration as it clears the mind, helps give us better health and enables us to have a deeper understanding of our inner self.
— Lillianne Yr 9