Kerryn was absolutely brilliant! I have attended numerous meditation workshops in the past but by far Kerryn has been the best. The flow of her session was superb, the laying on the floor was great for the stillness of mind, the slow stretches brilliant for our body and the group meditation at the end, set me up for a perfect day. I felt totally relaxed once the hour was over, however felt so energised to start my day. Every day should start like this! I enjoyed it so much that I have contacted Kerryn and keen to join her public workshops. Please please SeaLink run this workshop again in the near future!!!
Our instructor was brilliant. Enjoyed the session and found it incredibly worthwhile
— Meditation Clients from SeaLink

These weekly classes are perfect for you if you feel like you are always doing and would love to take some time for you. You may be experiencing pain, anxiety or disconnect. It could be that you are exhausted from always doing and taking care of others. The stresses of everyday life might at times feel overwhelming.

By creating some regular space within your busy schedule, to come and spend one hour a week with yourself,  You may find that some of these experiences soften and have less of an effect on You, than they do now.

When you allow yourself some time to move your body and relax, You are likely to notice that You feel stronger and more flexible. You will learn techniques to quieten your mind chatter and allow a beautiful feeling of freedom and vitality to flow back into Your life. Your Yoga practice will benefit not only you, but those You care about as well.


Wednesday morning classes are the perfect class if you are new to yoga or have been practicing for years. If you find that you are always busy, allow yourself to experience one hour and ten minutes, taking care of you. You will feel revitalised and inspired, through moving your body mindfully, before deeply relaxing and allowing your active mind to experience a place of calm. We conclude each class with a Meditation to feel peaceful and grounded. If you cannot make the morning class, you are welcome to attend the evening class.


  • Wednesday 9.30 - 10.40 am

  • 1st May - 19th June (every Wednesday) - 8 weeks

  • 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd & 29th May

  • 5th, 12th & 19th June 2019

Wednesday evening classes are great for giving yourself a chance to wind down, by thoughtfully moving your body, experiencing a guided relaxation and learning breathing techniques to feel peaceful and empowered.

Both classes provide an opportunity for you to connect with other like- minded individuals as you share the experience of Yoga, Meditation and Relaxation and help build this community together. If you cannot make the evening class you are welcome to attend the morning class.


  • Wednesday 5.45- 6.45 pm

  • 1st May - 19th June (every Wednesday) - 8 weeks

  • 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd & 29th May

  • 5th, 12th & 19th June 2019

If you are ready to jump off the treadmill and invest in some you time, please join me for Yoga & Relaxation...your Oasis in the city awaits!

If you are ready to jump off the treadmill and invest in some you time, please join me for Yoga & Relaxation...your Oasis in the city awaits!


Class Packs  

8 sessions - $129

5 sessions - $95

Casual - $24

Sessions are to be used within the term they are purchased.


9.30- 10.40 am Wednesday

5.45- 6.45 pm Wednesday

Currently aligned with SA school terms



152 Wakefield Street Adelaide City


Experience and Equipment

No prior experience necessary. You will be asked to fill out a health questionnaire upon arrival.

Please BYO mat and blanket to cover yourself during relaxation.

Silk bolsters and lavender eye-bags are provided

Kerryn’s class helped me to centre my mind and draw on my inner strength. Through a series of dynamic and fluid postures, visualisation and breath, the energy in my body was balanced and restored in my body. I felt so calm and centred afterwards. She is passionate about teaching her very special style of yoga and it was a pleasure to attend her class. Thanks Kerryn!
— Laura Vanags
What a beautiful morning for beach Yoga and start to the day. Kerryn Kuchel you were shining..such a fabulous, positive and skilled Yoga teacher. Awesome.
— Monica Moss
Kerryn’s years of experience, deep knowledge of Dru Yoga sequences as well as her gentle voice and spiritual commitment make her classes a special healing event.
— Joan Boylan
Yoga with Kerryn helped me to find out what I wanted in life and how to best pursue my dreams when moving forward. I use her relaxation techniques to help me centre my mind and feel at one. Thank you.
— Sally Porter