Private Sessions


Are you looking to take your own practice even further? Do you feel a bit uncertain about joining a group class? Would you prefer some individualised guidance, specific to your needs?

Private Yoga is perfect for anyone who wants to take their own practice deeper than you are able to, within the group classes. It is also great for individuals who may be feeling anxious about launching into a group experience, if their practice of yoga has been limited or non-existent in the past.

Private Yoga is perfect if you think you may be experiencing/moving through a time of feeling you need to go within and practice yoga in a space that is private and fully supportive, there for you to meet you, wherever you are at.

The potency of working 1:1 is impressive and personalised for you in the same way as other modalities such as physiotherapy, acupuncture and personal training.

Private yoga is a beautiful edition to your existing self care program and working 1 to 1 with me is like coming home, to a place that is peaceful, safe and calm, amidst the busyness of our society today.

In private sessions you are able to refine your own experience of Yoga and/or Meditation, and have time to simply be and to heal, at a pace that is just right for you. You will have my undivided attention for every one of your details and gain a greater insight into the physical, emotional and therapeutic benefits within each posture.

You will be supported to move through the poses safely and accurately.  All of the poses and techniques will be individually tailored for you and your needs. You will learn practical breathing and relaxation techniques, most beneficial to your specific needs.

I invite you to explore the opportunities for you within these Private sessions, so that you may experience the feeling of being self empowered, strong and flexible, whilst at the same time deepening your experience of the elegance and calm that my Yoga has to offer you.

Your Investment in YOU

Package 1: $375 for 3 sessions. Session one is 80 minutes and includes a personalised intake component. Followed by 2 x 60 minute sessions.

During your first session we will go on a deep dive into what you are requiring specifically and how Yoga or Meditation can support you. It is an opportunity for you to be truly seen and heard, so that the time is of highest benefit to you.


Given upon booking

Experience required

No prior experience is needed for these session…together we meet where you are at and move forward from that space.

Equipment required

All equipment is provided by me.

**Please note: Private Yoga is also available for couples. Contact me if you would like more information regarding this.